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Wegmans School of Pharmacy


Dr. Scott Swigart

Dr. Scott A. Swigart, Dean
Dr. Warren Richards, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Dr. Richard O’Brocta, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Dr. Jane Souza, Assistant Dean, Assessment

Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administration
Vacant, Chair
Dr. Asim Abu-Baker, Assistant Director of Experiential Education
Dr. Carlota Andrews, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Lisa Avery, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Gabriela Cipriano, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Kathryn Ann Connor, Pharmacy Practice
Mr. Anthony Corigliano, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Keith DelMonte, Director of Experiential Education
Dr. Alex DeLucenay, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Mona Gandhi, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Ashley Hughes, Pharmacy Practice

Dr. David Hutchinson, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Katherine Juba, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Lillian O. Kang, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Jill Lavigne, Pharmacy Administration
Dr. Brooke Lowry, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Angela Nagel, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Elizabeth Phillips, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Anne Schweighardt, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Judianne C. Slish, Pharmacy Practice
Dr. Andrea Traina, Pharmacy Practice
Mr. Karl G. Williams, J.D., Pharmacy Administration
Dr. Ashley Woodruff, Pharmacy Practice

Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Christine R. Birnie, Chair
Dr. Parag Budukh, Pharmaceutics
Dr. Melinda Lull, Pharmacology
Dr. Jennifer L. Mathews, Pharmacology
Dr. Marvin C. Pankaskie, Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Amy L. Parkhill, Pharmacology
Dr. Ramil Sapinoro, Pharmaceutial Sciences
Dr. Fang Zhao, Pharmaceutics

The Wegmans School of Pharmacy is dedicated to serving the pharmaceutical care needs of the public by preparing pharmacists to provide pharmaceutical care that enhances the health-related quality of life of the patients they serve. The school is committed to providing an environment that promotes academic excellence, service, and scholarship; encourages each student’s intellectual and personal development; and fosters the development of lifelong learners committed to advancing the profession of pharmacy.

In July 2010, the Wegmans School of Pharmacy was granted full accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

Wegmans School of Pharmacy