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Attendance Policy

It is expected that students will attend all course-related activities. The attendance policy for a course is outlined on the course syllabus.

Absences, for any reason, do not relieve the student from responsibility for completing the essential requirements of a course. Whenever possible, it is the student’s responsibility to discuss an anticipated absence with the faculty. For unexpected absences, the student should contact the faculty as soon as possible to discuss a plan for the missed coursework.

Extended Absence

If a student is absent from classes for three days or more due to extenuating circumstances (including illness, death in immediate family), the student or designee should notify the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA). Once notified, OAA will share the report with faculty and appropriate College staff. If the absence exceeds one week, documentation may be required.

When possible, the student and faculty are encouraged to work collaboratively to outline a plan to make up the missed course work or to find equivalent ways for the student to complete the essential course requirements without compromising course standards. A professor may suggest that it is in the student’s best interest to withdraw from a course, but it is ultimately the student's decision whether or not to withdraw. If the student decides to withdraw, the student must follow through by dropping the course through Fish ‘R’ Net. If the student withdraws from all enrolled courses in a semester, a Petition to Withdraw from College form must be filed with the Registrar.

Repeated Absence

Where an instructor judges that repeated absence from a course has prevented a student’s satisfactory achievement, a grade of “FA” for that course may be submitted. Repeated absence is sufficient cause for suspension.

Late Arrivals

No instructor is obligated to admit a student to class who arrives late. A late arrival may be considered an absence.