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Transferring Course Credit

Students desiring to take courses at other colleges must complete a Transfer Credit Request form in the Registrar’s Office in order to ensure that the course(s) they plan to take will be accepted in transfer. Credit will not transfer for courses in which a student earns grades below “C,” unless the student is guaranteed these hours as part of an associate’s degree at the time of the original transfer.

Students should keep in mind that grades earned in courses taken at other colleges are not calculated into their Fisher grade point average (GPA). Exceptions are made for students majoring in a modern language at Fisher who enroll in courses in that major at Nazareth College. In this case, both the credit and the grade will be transferred and averaged into the Fisher GPA.

Credit will not be granted for the same course more than once whether earned at St. John Fisher College, at another institution, or by examination. It is the student’s responsibility to be certain not to enroll again in the same course for which credit has been received. In doubtful cases, consult with the Registrar’s Office.

Transfer students should consult with the Registrar’s Office if they have questions concerning their Transfer Credit Evaluations or have additional transfer credit to submit for evaluation.