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Students will be approved for graduation based on the degree requirements outlined in the College catalog they are following. Freshmen follow the catalog that is published in the fall semester they enter the College. Transfer students follow the catalog under which their transfer credits were evaluated.

Note: Transfer students who enter in the fall semester follow requirements in the previous year’s catalog.

Catalog information is available in Fish ‘R’ Net, and, unless changed, the online degree evaluation will be based on the entering catalog. Students may stay with the catalog under which they entered the College or choose to follow any subsequent catalog in place while they are in attendance. A change in catalog is a serious decision since it will affect the major, minor, and degree requirements. Core Requirements will remain unchanged. A change of major, concentration or minor does not result in a change of catalog unless requested by the student.

A request to change a student’s catalog must be made in writing in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Students who are away from the College for more than four calendar years will be readmitted under the degree requirements outlined in the current College catalog. Readmitted students continue to follow the Core Requirements in effect during their first period of attendance.