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The Fisher Creed

Developed with the Student Government Association, the Fisher Creed speaks to the basic values and aspirations of the students at St. John Fisher College.

As students who have chosen to join the St. John Fisher College community, we share certain basic values and aspirations. To be active participants in a shared living/learning experience, we bring to Fisher:

Respect for ourselves; for others, their ideas and beliefs; and for our community as a whole.

Open-mindedness to things that are new, different, and unfamiliar.

Integrity that will enable us to be honest, sincere, and true to ourselves.

By bringing these qualities to our mutual experience, we can create a community that exemplifies the following values:

Diversity of cultural backgrounds, personal characteristics, and life situations, all of which we value for their contribution to our community.

Responsibility for individual actions and for their impact on others, and for creating a sense of ownership by community members.

Education with a commitment to scholarship, academic honesty,and lifelong learning.

Leadership in an environment that fosters active engagement in our community, displayed through participation, mentorship, and service.

Growth as reflected in continuous personal, intellectual, and spiritual development.

As members of the St. John Fisher College community, we live and work in close proximity, sharing certain needs, interests, and aspirations. Our common goal is personal, communal, and academic development that will allow us to become responsible, committed participants in a larger society. By adhering to the personal attributes and values outlined here, we commit ourselves to lives that fulfill the Basilian motto: “Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge.”