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Wegmans School of Nursing


Wegmans School of Nursing

Dianne Cooney Miner, Dean
Marilyn L. Dollinger, Associate Dean
Charlene Smith, Chair of Undergraduate Program
Pamela White, Director, RN/BS Program

Kylene Abraham, Christine Boev, Nancy Bowllan, Susan Carlson, Lori Dambaugh, Kathleen Dever, Colleen Dwyer Donegan, Susan Frederick, John Kirchgessner, Elizabeth Kiss, Pamela Mapstone, Laura Markwick, Natalie Masco, Cynthia Ricci McCloskey,** Christine Nelson-Tuttle, Karen Parker, Susan Read, Tammy Roman,* Tara Sacco, Krista Scorsone, Alison Simpson, Nancy Wilk

*On leave, Fall 2016
**On leave, Spring 2017

The Wegmans School of Nursing provides a broad liberal arts and professional program of study/experience that prepares graduates to positively influence health outcomes for culturally diverse individuals, families, and communities in a rapidly changing, highly complex health care environment. Baccalaureate nurses are socialized to the roles of clinical nursing care provider, health care manager, change agent, health advocate, teacher, counselor, scholar, and leader. The commitment to “goodness, discipline, and knowledge” at St. John Fisher College creates an environment that uniquely contributes to the values and scholarship essential to excellence in nursing education.

The undergraduate nursing curriculum is grounded in both the knowledge/theory base of the discipline of nursing and the art/science of evidence-based practice. A holistic view of the person is fundamental to the study of the science of nursing which has the goal of promoting health throughout the wellness/illness/death continuum within the context of internal and external environments. Required courses provide the opportunity for the student to develop aptitude in: critical thinking, ethical decision-making, processing complex information, establishing/maintaining therapeutic relationships, providing/coordinating care, as well as socioeconomic analysis, interdisciplinary collaboration, cultural sensitivity, and self-appraisal.