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The Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

The mission of the Center for Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (CSLCE) is to graduate students prepared and motivated to make meaningful contributions in Rochester and beyond. Participation in civic engagement enables Fisher students to gain the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to become contributing citizens in a diverse and complex society. Sustained collaborations with community partners result in asset building and positive community change. Faculty access new avenues of community-based teaching and research that will enrich the learning experience, enhance professional development and recognition, and provide opportunities for scholarship across the disciplines.

The Center coordinates service-learning which is defined as the integration of service projects in academic courses to enhance student learning, teach civic responsibility, address community needs, and strengthen communities. Service-learning courses can be found across the disciplines and in all five Schools. This service moves beyond the traditional understanding of charity or volunteerism through the integration of community-based projects (client support or capacity-building products) in academic courses to meet both student learning goals and the needs of the community partner. Students can search for service-learning courses using the SLC Attribute on the course registration page. Example courses and resources for students, faculty, and community partners can be found on the Service-Learning website.

Other programs and services of the Center include a Civic Engagement Faculty Workshop Series, Civic Engagement Award and Showcase Ceremony, Mini and CE Grants, and CE Professional Development Funds. These programs enhance awareness and education of CE, recognize best practices, enhance student leadership and grant-writing, deepen community impact, and support faculty professional development.

St. John Fisher College has a deep commitment to service as outlined in its mission statement. Strong CE is also consistent with Fisher’s vision, puts into action its motto: “Teach me goodness,” and is an enduring expression of its Catholic heritage. St. John Fisher College has achieved the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification (by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching).