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Financial Information for 2016-2017

Tuition and Fees for Summer 2016 – Spring 2017

  Per Semester Per Year
Full-Time* $15,650 $31,300
Comprehensive Fee $260 $520
Part-Time $850/credit hour  
Comprehensive Fee $10/credit hour  
RN to BSN Cohort $625/credit hour  
Comprehensive Fee $10/credit hour  
Summer Online @ Fisher $425/per credit hour  
Comprehensive Fee $10/credit hour  

*This rate applies to undergraduate students registered for 12–19 credits. Students enrolled in more than 19 credits will be billed per credit for each additional credit at the part-time rate.

Course Fees

Course Fees
ARTS 102C P1 Encounter with the Arts $80
NURS 300 Intro Discipline Nursing $247
NURS 317 Adult/Older Adult Health I $217
NURS 423 Adult/Older Adult Health II $217
NURS 431 Care of Children $217

Room and Meal Plans

  Per Semester
Room $3,760
Dorm Activity Fee1 $30
Unlimited Dining Hall Plan (available to all students) $3,300
Tier I Dining Hall Plan (available to all students) $2,475
Tier 2 Dining Hall Plan (available to all students) $2,110
tier 3 Dining Hall Plan (available to resident students in their second year and all non-residential students) $1,680
Commuter Dining Hall Plan (available to all non-residential students) $895

For meal plan descriptions, please visit the Dining Services Meal Plan Options page.

Miscellaneous Charges

  As Needed
Student Health Insurance (Voluntary enrollment) $2,735/year
Application Fee $30
Study Abroad Program Fee2 $350/term abroad
Late Course Change Fee3 $50
Late Payment Fee $200
Late Registration Fee4 $200
Registration Fee (Billed in term admitted to College) $300
Reinstatement Fee $300
Replacement Check Fee $35
Returned Check Fee $38
Commuter Vehicle Registration Fee $50/year
Resident Vehicle Registration Fee $75/year

NOTE: All rates are subject to change.

  1. The Dorm Activity fee is charged to all resident students to support their programs.
  2. The Study Abroad fee will be assessed to all students studying abroad. These students will have additional charges billed to their account (airfare, room & board, etc.) as dictated by each program.
  3. The Late Course Change fee is a processing fee associated with the approved requests for course changes (add/drop/withdraw) that occur after the published calendar deadlines.
  4. The Late Registration fee is charged to all continuing students who register after classes begin.

Note: Courses taken on an audit basis are billed as credit courses. Since no academic credit will be earned for an audited course, student eligibility for financial aid may be affected.