Core Courses (9)
Choose three: COMM 263 Digital Media.Social Media
COMM 367 Emergent Media & Web Culture
CSCI 220 P4 Media Technologies
ENGL 382 Digital Literacies
Electives (9)
Choose three: AMST 220 P3 Ranking America
ANTH 106D P5 Cross-Cultural Interaction
ANTH/ARTS 228D P3 Introduction to Museum Studies
APIT/COMM 369 Web Design
ARTS 112D Digital Art
COMM 100 Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM 270 Introduction to Public Relations
COMM 363 Web and Social Media Analytics
COMM 468 Advanced Web Design
CSCI 130 Cyber Law
CSCI 140C P2 Computer and Internet Ethics
CSCI/DIGC 158 P4 Introduction to Media Computing
CSCI 161 P4 Foundations of Computer Science I
DIGC 265 P1 Special Topics in Digital Cultures
DIGC 267 P4 Special Topics in Digital Technologies
DIGC 271 Video Game Design I
ENGL 361 Writing with New Media
ENGL 380 Visual Rhetoric
MGMT 357 Information Technology Management
MKTG 418 Internet Marketing
MSTI 131 Introduction to Educational Technology
PSYC 282 Cognitive Processes
Total (18)

Notes on Minor Requirements

  • Only one course from the student’s major may also be used to satisfy a requirement in the Digital Cultures and Technologies minor.
  • No more than three courses from any one department may be applied to the minor.
  • The minor may include no more than two courses at the 100 level and must include at least two courses at the 300 or 400 level.
  • Students may select four core courses and choose two electives.

A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the minor.

Digital Cultures and Technologies

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