Program Requirements

Digital Cultures and Technologies Major Requirements

In addition to the seven required Core courses, each DCT major chooses one four-course track in Content Creation, Social Media Analytics, Computer Science, Information Technology, or Learning Technologies. A substantial senior project also is required to use as a portfolio piece for a resume or graduate school application.

Core Courses (18)
COMM 263 Digital Media.Social Media
Choose one Programming Course: CSCI/DIGC 158 P4 Introduction to Media Computing
CSCI 161 P4 Foundations of Computer Science I
DIGC 271 Video Game Design I
Choose three Perspectives and Practices Courses: APIT/COMM 369 Web Design
COMM 468 Advanced Web Design
ENGL 361 Writing for New Media
ENGL 380 Visual Rhetoric
DIGC 265 P1 Special Topics in Digital Cultures –OR–
DIGC 267 P4 Special Topics in Digital Technologies
Choose one Theory Course: COMM 367 Emergent Media and Web Culture
ENGL 382 Digital Literacies
Digital Cultures and Technologies Tracks (12)
Choose one: Computer Science
Content Creation
Information Technology
Learning Technologies
Social Media Analytics
Special Topics
Required Senior Project (3)
DIGC 490 Senior Project
Total (33)

Digital Cultures and Technologies Tracks

Computer Science Track

Required Courses (6)
MATH 150 Elementary Discrete Mathematics
CSCI 162 Foundations of Computer Science II*
Electives (6)
Choose two: CSCI 231 Data Structures
CSCI 251 Computer Security
CSCI 303/304/306 C/Visual Basic/C++
CSCI 310 Advanced C & System Programming
CSCI 313 Unix Shell Programming
CSCI 353 Database Structures
CSCI 365 Computer Graphics
CSCI 375 Programming the World Wide Web
CSCI 395 Artificial Intelligence
Total (12)

*Presumes CSCI 161 taken for major core.

Note: Students should carefully consider prerequisites when planning for the two upper-level Computer Science classes.

Content Creation Track

Required Course (3)
COMM 231 Introduction to Video Production
Electives (9)
Choose one: AMST 201/ARTS 201 P1 Picturing the Past
AMST 204 P1 Film, Television, and Visual Culture
COMM 261 P1 Documentary Film
ENGL 266 Writing as Social Practice
ENGL 268 P1 Fundamentals of Film
Choose two: AMST 220 P3 Ranking America
ARTS 112 Digital Art
ARTS 165 The Photographer’s Eye
ARTS 170 Documentary Photography
COMM 220 P1 Visual Communication
COMM 295 Multimedia Writing
COMM 431 Advanced Video Production
PSYC 282 Cognitive Processes
Total (12)

Information Technology Track

Required Course (3)
CSCI 150 P4 Introduction to High Technology
Electives (9)
Choose three: APIT 400 Special Topics: Data Mining
CSCI 130 Cyber Law –OR–
CSCI 140C P2 Computer and Internet Ethics
CSCI 220 P4 Media Technologies
CSCI 260 Introduction to Databases and Applications
CSCI 300 Networking
MGMT 357 Information Technology Management
Total (12)

Learning Technologies Track

Required Courses (6)
MSTI 131 Introduction to Instructional Technology
MSTI 260 Understanding Adaptive Technology
Electives (6)
Choose two: MSTI 231 Educational Computing
MSTI 331 Classroom Computing
PSYC 282 Cognitive Processes
Total (12)

Social Media Analytics Track

Electives (12)
Choose one: ECON 221 SQ Statistics I
STAT 160 P4 Data Analysis for Social Research
Choose one or two: APIT 400 Special Topics: Data Mining
COMM 363 Web and Social Media Analytics
Choose one or two: COMM 270 Introduction to Public Relations
COMM 281 Introduction to Advertising
CSCI 260 Introduction to Databases and Applications
MKTG 221 Introduction to Marketing
MKTG 418 Internet Marketing
Total (12)

Special Topics Track

A student wishing to combine courses from the above tracks may propose prior to the first semester of the junior year a sequence of four courses that allows him or her to pursue an academic interest and/or professional career goal. Students are expected to write a 500-750 word proposal outlining the rationale behind the proposed track. (12 credits)

Notes on Major Requirements

  • Only one of DIGC 265 or DIGC 267 may be used in the major core.
  • When appropriate, unused core courses may substitute for track courses with permission of the DCT Program Director.

A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the major.

Digital Cultures and Technologies

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