Oliver Griffin (History), Program Director

The Honors Program is distinct in that it has separate courses for honors students. These courses are not merely enhanced presentations of courses already being offered by various departments but are courses designed by individual professors, or pairs of professors, to form a unique educational component for honors students.

To graduate from the College Honors Program, students who have been admitted to the program must maintain a 3.00 cumulative grade point average their freshman year and a 3.30 cumulative grade point average thereafter, as well as complete six Honors courses, which may include the one-credit Honors Seminar. The sixth course may be a designated Honors course in the student’s major or a senior experience in the student’s major field of study approved by the Honors Program director. Honors courses may not be taken S/U. For transfer students admitted to the program, the required number of Honors courses is determined by the number of semesters the student has to complete at St. John Fisher College to graduate.

Semesters at
St. John Fisher College
Honors Courses Required
4 full-time semesters 4 Honors courses; one per semester is recommended
5-6 full-time semesters 5 Honors courses; one per semester is recommended
7-8 full-time semesters 6 Honors courses

Honors Program

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