Ryan Gantner,* Chair

Bruce Blaine, Daniel Cass, Carol Freeman, Kris H. Green, Nadine Hanebutte, Scott Harrison, Erica Johnson, Elizabeth Leboffe, Mark McKinzie, Donald L. Muench,** Bernard Ricca,** Rebecca Tiffin, Gerald Wildenberg, Erik Winarski

* On leave, Fall 2013
** On leave, Spring 2014

Information Technology is a term often used to denote the computer and communications industries and the application of computing and communications technologies in business, industry, government, and entertainment. The minor in Information Technology provides the general student with the opportunity to acquire an understanding of the impact and applications of computing and communication technologies. Students study networks as communication systems, concepts of data and how information is derived from the data, and fundamental web technologies.

The applications software in the minor are tools that are widely available and important in the workplace. Organizations rely heavily on the use of these tools and on the people who use this software competently and professionally. Regardless of a student’s major, knowledge about these applications is important.

Students who complete this minor satisfactorily should be able to use and apply current technical concepts and practices in the core information technologies, including programming, computer networking and hardware, databases, and web technologies and issues.

Information Technology (Minor)

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