Ryan Gantner,* Chair

Bruce Blaine, Daniel Cass, Carol Freeman, Kris H. Green, Nadine Hanebutte, Scott Harrison, Erica Johnson, Elizabeth Leboffe, Mark McKinzie, Donald L. Muench,** Bernard Ricca, Rebecca Tiffin,** Gerald Wildenberg, Erik Winarski

* On leave, Fall 2013
** On leave, Spring 2014

The minor in Instructional Technology provides students with leadership skills and proficiency in the understanding of technological concepts and in applying the tools and techniques used in the delivery of technological/interactive information. Students understand how, when, and why to use instructional technology tools and techniques to support teaching and learning, as well as grow in the sophistication of their use of instructional technology over a series of courses. This is accomplished through a three-faceted approach: presenting instructional technology, using instructional technology to communicate knowledge, and using instructional technology to construct new knowledge.

Instructional Technology (Minor)

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