Ryan Gantner,* Chair

Bruce Blaine, Daniel Cass, Carol Freeman, Kris H. Green, Nadine Hanebutte, Scott Harrison, Erica Johnson, Elizabeth Leboffe, Mark McKinzie, Donald L. Muench,** Bernard Ricca,** Rebecca Tiffin, Gerald Wildenberg, Erik Winarski

*On leave, Fall 2013
**On leave, Spring 2014

Majors are no longer being accepted into the Mathematics/Science/Technology Integration program. MSTI courses serving the core curriculum and other majors will continue to be offered by the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences. The College reserves the option to allow students the choice of majoring in the program at a future date.

The Mathematics/Science/Technology Integration courses lie within the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences at St. John Fisher College. The courses in this administrative department emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication while stressing interdisciplinary learning. All of the Mathematics/Science/Technology Integration courses are designed around five central themes:

  • Integration of mathematics, science, and technology
  • Problem-solving, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning
  • Written and oral communication
  • Teamwork
  • Appropriate use of technology

The Department administers mathematics skills assessments in the following courses: MSTI 114C and 130C.

Mathematics/Science/Technology Integration

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