Recommended Progression

B.A. Political Science

Recommended progression of courses required for the B.A. Political Science major. Students should consult Core Requirements for a complete description of the College’s Core.

FR POSC 111C (3)
POSC Elective (3)
SO POSC 200 (3)
POSC 218 (3)
POSC 208D (3)
POSC 209C (3)
JR POSC 300-level Elective (3)
POSC Elective (3)
POSC 300-level Elective (3)
POSC Elective (3)
SR POSC Elective (3) POSC 499 (3)*
Additional Electives, Internship
Washington Semester, Study Abroad

*Qualifying Political Science majors participating in SUNY-Brockport Washington Program during the semester in which POSC 499 is offered may substitute Washington Semester credits for the required POSC 499 course.

Note: Qualifying Political Science majors should consider enrolling in an internship during one of their final three semesters.

Political Science

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