• STAT-199C RW Research-Based Writing (3)

    Students learn the basics of writing an academic research paper in this discipline. Emphasis is on elements of persuasive argumentation, the inclusion of more than one perspective on an issue, the proper use and documentation of sources, and revision. Students also learn how to make an effective oral presentation of their research. Department-determined topic may change from semester to semester and is likely to include literary texts as primary materials.

    Restricted to freshmen and transfers.

    Note: 199C courses may not be taken for credit more than once.

    » Spring Research-based Writing (199) Courses & Topic Descriptions [pdf]

    Attributes: RW YLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Freshman, Sophomore
  • STAT-210 Regression Analysis (3)

    This course covers basic and intermediate principles of applied linear regression. The course topics include least-squares estimation; assumptions underlying regression analysis and tests of regression assumptions; residuals analysis; regression with nominal/dummy-coded predictors; stepwise and hierarchical entry strategies; prediction, and testing interaction effects in regression analysis. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of behavioral data using regression methods, the interpretation of regression statistics, and the written communication of results of regression analysis. SPSS and R will be the primary statistics software used in this course.

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  • STAT-390 Spec Topics in Statistics (3)

    The course will address an advanced topic in statistics which may emphasize mathematical statistics, applied statistics, or computer applications in statistics. Fall 2016 Topic:Statistical Inference (3) Approaches to statistical inference are covered, framed by frequentist and Bayesian perspectives. Topics include: null hypothesis significance testing; robustness and exact tests, point and interval estimation; confidence interval construction methods; goodness of fit tests; maximum likelihood estimation, Bayesian estimation, and inference using resampling methods.

    Attributes: YLIB
    Pre-requisites: STAT-210 D- OR STAT-220 D-
    Restrictions: Including: -Major: Statistics -Class: Junior, Senior
  • STAT-490 Field Experience (2 TO 6)

    Provides students with the opportunity to sharpen and use statistical, scientific, report-writing, and communication skills in an organizational setting. Success is based on the student’s report of the field experience and the supervisor’s evaluation. May be repeated for a total of 6 credits. Permission of instructor is required to register.

    Attributes: YLIB
    Pre-requisites: MATH-122C D- AND STAT-210 D-
    Restrictions: Including: -Major: Statistics -Class: Junior, Senior
  • STAT-496 Independent Study (1 TO 3)

    In-depth study of a statistical topic under the direction of a Statistics faculty member. A written report summarizing the course project, research, or activity is submitted to the supervising faculty member. Completion of the Independent Study/Tutorial Authorization form is required.

    Attributes: YLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Major: Statistics -Class: Junior, Senior