Jill Swiencicki (English), Program Director

Faculty Advisors: Katrina Arndt (Education), David Baronov (Sociology),** Melissa Bissonette (English), Lisa Cunningham (Interdisciplinary Studies), Emily Dane-Staples (Sport Management), Melissa Ghera (Psychology),* Maria Gonzalez-Smith (Political Science), Lisa Jadwin (English), Barbara Lowe (Philosophy), Cynthia Ricci McCloskey (Nursing), Barbara Rockell (Sociology), Marta Rodríguez-Galán (Sociology), Jennifer Rossi (American Studies), Jebaroja Singh (Sociology), Arlette Miller Smith (English and African American Studies), Deborah Uman (English), Carolyn Vacca (History), Pao Vue (Sociology), Nancy Wilk (Nursing)

*On leave, Fall 2013
**On leave, Spring 2014

Fisher's Women and Gender Studies minor, established by a team of faculty members in 1997, provides an interdisciplinary, multicultural perspective on the role of gender in human affairs. The goal of the minor is to explore the complexities of the relationship between gender and power. By viewing the topic from a variety of perspectives—social, artistic, historical, scientific—students begin to grasp the ways in which gender is constructed. We investigate how gender has affected the lives of men and women all over the world and throughout human history.

Why Minor in Women and Gender Studies?

The minor enriches understanding of women’s contributions to the shaping of society. The minor offers students the opportunity to develop a scholarly understanding of gender and its role in human life and an enhanced ability to function as responsible, engaged persons. The minor is designed for students planning careers in business, law, politics, international relations, science, health professions, social and community service, and education.

Women & Gender Studies (Minor)

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