Program Requirements

Statistics Course Requirements

The statistics major consists of at least 41 credit hours, as follows:

Statistics Program Requirements
Introductory Course (3)
STAT 160 P4 Introduction to Data Science
Foundations Courses (20)
MATH 120C P4 Calculus I (4)
MATH 122C P4 Calculus II (4)
MATH 232 Linear Algebra (3)
STAT 210 Regression Analysis (3)
STAT 220 Experimental Design (3)
STAT 222 Nonparametric Statistics (3)
Mathematical Statistics (6)
MATH 301 Mathematical Statistics I (3)
MATH 410 Probability Models (3)
Lab Experience (3)
STAT 375 Data Analysis and Statistical Computing (3)
Elective Courses* (6)
Choose two: CSCI 260 Introduction to Databases (3)
MATH 302 Mathematical Statistics II (3)
STAT 270 Meta-Analysis (3)
STAT 330 Sample Survey Methods (3)
STAT 345 Exploratory Data Analysis (3)
STAT 390 Special Topics (3)
STAT 405 Statistical Inference (3)
STAT 496 Independent Study (3)
Capstone Experience (3)
Choose one: STAT 480 Statistics Capstone (3)
STAT 490 Field Experience (3)
 Total (41)

*Students may substitute a course not listed for a required statistics elective with the approval of the program director.

For students majoring in statistics, all courses that are required or may be used as electives for the major are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major.

At least 21 of the required 41 credits (one half of the major) must be completed in residence at St. John Fisher College.

Since the statistics major is completed as part of a bachelor of arts degree, a minor or second major is required. A statistics major may NOT minor in mathematics or data science.