Learning Outcomes

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal #1 Students will have the skills and knowledge to code in a variety of languages related to interactive media development.

  • Students will learn the syntax and techniques of coding, including an understanding of logic statements, functions, and objects.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively debug code.

Goal #2 Students will learn techniques for designing web and mobile sites and/or video games for a variety of commercial, journalistic, and artistic purposes.

  • Students will become familiar with graphic design and be able to apply design theory to real-world projects.
  • Students will develop an understanding of information design and usability as it applies to interactive media projects.

Goal #3 Students will demonstrate skills in statistical, quantitative, and computing methods to solve research problems

  • Students will utilize coding and software tools to analyze and present date in a professional manner that could be translated to web-based or app-based media.

Goal #4 Students will be able to write about issues related to digital cultures and digital technologies.

  • Students will apply the methodologies of critical analysis, content analysis, or ethnography to write an academic analysis of an issue related to digital cultures..
  • Students will write at a level suitable for a public audience in an area related to interactive media (e.g., technical writing, game writing, writing for social media, presentation of C.V.).
  • Students will analyze the cultural significance of media texts as they relate to issues of race, class, global cultures, and/or gender.

Goal #5 Students will apply innovative thinking and creativity to new inventions and art.

  • Students will create a unique example of interaction art or a computational object that demonstrates creativity and technical understanding.
  • Students will write about digital invention/digital art from a historical/theoretical viewpoint.

Goal #6 Students will develop their networking skills and build professional portfolios.

  • Students will develop networking skills to pursue internship and campus experiential activities.
  • Students will build a professional portfolio.

Interactive Media

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