Learning Outcomes

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal #1    Students recognize and apply an understanding of sustainability from a broad variety of perspectives and connect concepts of sustainability to a disciplinary focus

  • Develop an understanding of multiple sustainability frameworks and apply their use within our society
  • Distinguish the influence of cultural differences on society's environmental challenges, including but not limited to political, economic, and business pressures, and ethical perspectives
  • Communicate complex issues in an understandable and persuasive way through writing, speaking, and other forms of public discourse
  • Develop a deep understanding within a focal area within the sustainability landscape

Goal #2    Students develop the capacity for integrative thinking and problem solving approaches

  • Critically evaluate potential solutions to complex problems from individual to global scales
  • Develop an integrative understanding of the interaction between the natural, built, and social environments of our planet utilizing evidence-based sources
  • Define and contextualize sustainability issues utilizing multiple methods
  • Develop skills for the collection, analysis, and application of data

Goal #3    Students create an effective solution to a sustainability issue with a community partner

  • Apply theoretical frameworks to address a sustainability issue in the community
  • Develop informed environmental, ethical, economic, and cultural perspectives on a community problem
  • Apply problem solving techniques to address a specific community need


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