Learning Outcomes

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal #1 Students will understand how gender is socially constructed.

  • Demonstrate how cultural objects contribute to an understanding of gender in society

Goal #2 Students will understand how gender intersects with other social and cultural identities.

  • Articulate how concepts of gender can vary when combined with other social/cultural identities
  • View gender as one part of a complex identity that includes factors such as race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, gender expression, ability, nationality, religion, geography, age, and identity

Goal #3 Students will know and be able to articulate important aspects of feminist theories.

  • Identify and apply at least two important feminist paradigms, methods, and/or theoretical perspectives to objects of study

Goal #4 Students will understand how systems of power affect the individual and society.

  • Explain the effects of privilege and oppression on individual experience
  • Explain the dynamics of power and hierarchy within society

Women & Gender Studies (Minor)

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