Kris H. Green, Chair

The Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences offers majors in mathematics, computer science, and statistics. The department also offers minors in mathematics, computer science, data science, and information technology. This administrative department and its majors emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication while stressing interdisciplinary learning. The mathematics major aims to provide students with the following:

  • Knowledge and skill with a broad range of mathematical content in both pure and applied mathematics;
  • Preparation for a quantitatively engaged future, including career preparation such as support to take actuarial exams, secondary school teaching certification options, and the foundations for graduate work in the mathematical sciences;
  • Opportunities to investigate and apply mathematics in an independent capstone project;
  • Experience using analytical, graphical, numerical and computational tools to explore and solve mathematical problems.

The major in mathematics may lead to either the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science degree. For the Bachelor of Science degree, students have the option to pursue actuarial mathematics.


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